The Warrior’s Walk ~ a 7 week Yoga & Meditation Journey

January 30th – March 20th ~ $222

These last couple years have been…ALOT.

For all of us. 

It’s time now. To rebuild. To get off the couch, off the hamster wheel, out of our heads…and back to our body. Back to our heart.

It’s time. Now.


It’s time to stand up, show up, speak up and do something different. 

It’s time to stop playing small. And to start deciding what you stand for. Deciding how you want to feel. How you want your life to support you. Getting clear about what your version of Heaven On Earth looks and feels like…and beginning to align with that. 

Not just align…but embody

On this Warrior’s Walk together we will work on showing up for ourselves, and each other. We will practice discipline, consistency, courage and care. Summoning your inner Warrior with movements and mindful sequences that help us get stronger, steadier, more balanced and open. We’ll work on being present to the moment, just as it is, and open to the possibilities we cannot yet see. And we’ll practice those deep powerful rituals of forgiveness, compassion and letting go. We will courageously align, each week, with meditations, practices and journal prompts that help us remember who we are…beyond the fear and the stress that has been buzzing around us. It’s time to move away from that and deeper inside, where the power of our own Truth, our intuition and creativity are just waiting to be awakened.  

We are powerful, abundant and beautiful beyond measure. 

Let’s do this.

Journey Includes:

3 Live classes per week, access to the full schedule for those who want more. One 30 min coaching call with Heather booked sometime during the 7 weeks of this challenge. Plus: private facebook group for those in the program with weekly inspirations, gifts and giveaways. 

 (Special Price for those who attended the Fall Flow: $178. Please reach out for your discount link)


These online intensive programs are EPIC. They are an incredible opportunity to connect with other like-minded people and be in the sacred container of community.  They will both challenge and soothe you. As well – you can start to build more consistency with your yoga and self-care practices. We both know – Consistency Is Key. This program will help you to get motivated and inspired while being fully supported through group coaching and classes. There are weekly homework challenges, shadow work to help identify and shed light on some of our blocks, and incredible prizes to help motivate and inspire you. The group element can be so helpful as there is much to learn from the sharing of others. To know that we are not alone on our journey can offer the support that many of us need to keep finding purpose, motivation and passion in our days. 

Let’s build a sense of flow and fluidity in our minds and bodies and focus on rebuilding, connecting, expanding and continuing that alchemical process of transformation that these times are asking of us. Let’s use the energy of what’s happening right now to feul our own desires for change. These are crazy times. Tough times. Weird times. Emotional times. We are in the process of a great renaissance.  

 It’s time to thrive. Come as you are. ALL of you is welcome here.