Schedule & Events

For the most up-to-date class schedule, and a list of the monthly events please use the schedule below:

NOTE! We have updated our video streaming provider to Momence. All currently enrolled individuals will be receiving an email from Momence with their new sign-in account information. Thank you for making this jump with me, I am hoping this is going to bring you a better experience. Please note: there are no refunds. Classes are transferable, but not refundable.

With gratitude – Heather

Upcoming Events

Spring Flow
Gentle Yoga - Tuesdays, in-person, Welland

New 7 week session May 7th – June 18th

Tuesdays 630pm – 8pm

These gentle, therapeutic, classes are designed to help you unwind from the day and release tension and struggle by moving mindfully, breathing more intentionally and practicing letting go of unnecessary stress. In each class we’ll work on gentle, warming postures that ignite a feeling of inner lightness, strength and balance in both body and mind. This is an all-levels practice suitable for both beginners and experienced yogis. Although this is a gentle class, some physical mobility is required. We’ll focus on postures, sequences, somatic exercises, meditations and breathwork that help us move with ease and grace through life’s ever-changing landscapes. Music and specially curated playlists are used in every class

 Space is limited. Pre-registration is required. Exact location will be sent after registration

Yoga Nidra
Guided Meditation for Peace & Healing

Thursday May 23, In-person

7:00pm, Welland

Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing guided meditation that is practiced to help regulate the nervous system, find complete rest, and plant seeds of positive intention into the deepest layers of your mind. This is a wonderful class to help bring a sense of incredible nurturing  – physically, mentally and energetically. The class begins with gentle yoga and breathwork designed to open your body, release tension and prepare you to relax deeply into stillness. Yoga Nidra is done laying down in Savasana (“corpse pose”) so please bring whatever you need to be as comfortable as possible (I suggest a blanket and a pillow/bolster). This practice of “conscious sleep” has been shown to have extremely positive effects on anxiety, PTSD, stress and sleep quality. It is said that 30-45 minutes of Yoga Nidra can have the same effects on the body as 4 hours of sleep! 

There is no experience necessary for this special class. Just a willingness to explore yourself and settle into surrender. 




Yoga Therapy for Nervous System Regulation
Gentle Yoga - small group classes
In person, Fonthill

 This program runs in 6 – 8 week sessions.

6:30pm, Fonthill 

This class is specifically for stress management, anxiety reduction, nervous system regulation and deep healing. We work on gentle somatic yoga and movement practices, as well as breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation/relaxation practices for body, mood and mind. This type of practice can bring back a feeling of safety and ease, while offering you a supportive space to release, relax and revive yourself. These classes happen in small groups (max 5) at The Yoga Den (my home studio in Fonthill). 

Have a group of 4 or 5 that you’d like to practice with? Reach out! There are spots open on the Spring/Summer calendar.

 Space is limited. Pre-registration is required. Exact location will be sent after registration.

Detox Yoga for Bliss & Balance
Sundays, in-person, Fonthill

A 7 Week yoga series for cleansing & renewal 

New Session: May 19 – June 30th

Please note: there is no class on June 2nd or June 16th.

Join us for this special Sunday morning session offered as an antidote to whatever stress or tension the week brought. These mid morning sessions are designed to get you moving and flowing with some amazing ‘Sunday self-care’. Think: gentle detox through warming, flowing yoga & breathing sequences to enhance digestion, inspiration, inner radiance and power. This class invites you to breathe deep and move your body in ways that strengthen and align you both physically and mentally with the seasonal energies of Spring -emergence, new beginnings, expansion . Classes encourage strength and the release of stagnation. But we’ll also spend time relaxing deeply and giving space for your rest and reflection. Best for those with some yoga experience and those wishing to build more strength, focus and flexibility. 

Expect a gentle but invigorating practice with lots of twists and flows plus plenty of opportunities to release your week, and soften your heart.

Monthly Schedule

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