Coaching & Private Yoga

 “Transformation is an Invitation…

…to not continue on the path that you’re on but to dig deep, find out where your brokenness is, address it, and use it as fuel for a spectacular life.”​

Transformational Coaching

My entire focus with teaching and coaching is transformation. Transformation that brings us back to our natural state of being. Abundance is your natural state. Joy, Love and Happiness are the frequencies of your Higher Self and are your birthright. When you work with me magic begins to happen. I use a powerful approach that includes delving into your own unique Human Design chart, essentially a blueprint of your energetic make-up, a detailed map your individual journey and purpose, based on your birth information (think: astrology on steroids!). I bring some deep and colourful knowledge to our sessions from my 35+ years of experience with Yoga, Meditation and Miracles combined with my 20+ years’ experience teaching yoga and my own lifelong healing journey. You will gain tools, trust, insight, inspiration, and knowledge to help you to heal and to help you truly know and understand yourself deeply. That healing can be deep and sustainable. You don’t have to stay stuck. And you don’t have to do this alone. You are worthy of a life you adore. You are worthy of all the love, abundance, recognition, joy, healing, and peace you seek.

 Are you ready to transform?

Private 1:1 Coaching – single session $128

3 Sessions: $333
6 Sessions: $595

In the meantime – please feel free to join one of my ongoing Yoga & Meditation online journeys, or small in-person group experiences if you’re in the Niagara Region.

These  6 – 8 week intensives are a culmination of my 18 years experience, and training, in Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness, Clinical Hypnosis, Holistic Psychology, Life Coaching, Clinical Herbology, Aromatherapy, Meditation and Yoga in a variety of styles.  The group experience these programs provide can be deeply enriching and profound as we can learn so much from each other.

Private Yoga Therapy

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is tailored to you and your specific goals and intentions.

Yoga is a wholistic multi-dimensional system of health and well-being that focuses on both the mind, the physical body, and the etheric/energetic body. It is comprised of a multitude of mind-body practices, including five main categories of practice:

-physical postures and movement (asana)

-breathing exercises (pranayama)


-mindfulness and meditation

-supportive, healing dietary practices toward a more (sattvic) anti-inflammatory way of eating/living.

Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, is deeply interwoven within Yoga Therapy. Questions and suggestions pertaining to your specific dosha, and any current imbalances, may be given upon request. Including dietary suggestions to support healing.

Private yoga therapy sessions are 90 mins in length and involve discussions about, and practicing of, the above principles. All programs are developed in alignment with your individual needs, intentions and goals. Your personalized Human Design chart will be analyzed and incorporated into your sessions, with further information available upon request.

Current Yoga Packages Available:

~ Nervous System Regulation


~Strength / Power / Weight Loss

~Mental / Emotional Wellness

~ Heart Healing, Grief Support

Private 1:1 Yoga – first session $108

Additional Single Sessions $88

Current Promos:

4 Session Package $222

3 Session Package $198

3 Months $588 ~ Includes:

~12 Private Yoga sessions (3-month expiry) + 2 Human Design Coaching sessions.

May the work we do contribute to the freedom, fabulousness, and healing of humanity.