Heather Jones

I started practicing yoga in my early teens. Initially at a doctor’s suggestion following years of surgery, braces and therapy for a congenital spinal trauma. I didn’t really care for it at first, to be honest! But the results were immediate. It relieved pressure and pain from my back and legs and I instantly began to feel stronger. For most of my twenties I had a love/hate relationship with my yoga practice. But it’s something I have consistently gone back to again and again and has become a central core aspect of my life.

My training has included traditional Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and various kinds of Restorative, PreNatal and Meditation training. A few years ago I completed my Yoga Therapist certification as well which has greatly enriched my life and my practice. I try to keep my classes creative and fun. I don’t teach the same way, every day, for every class or every person.

All of my training has been very traditional. So my philosophy is about respecting the needs of each individual. Sure, yoga can be challenging. But laughter and light heartedness are just as important, in my opinion, as perfecting your Downward Dog.

To say that I have a passion for this work is an understatement. To this day I have not found anything as satisfying or as exciting as assisting people in uncovering their own strength and helping them to accept their own resiliency. We all have innate healing capabilities. Sometimes it’s just a matter of remembering that; and giving the body what it needs to function optimally.

I’m always fascinated, and truly inspired, watching people transform! I’ve seen some remarkable things over the years… but most notably is the look on someone’s face, and the change in their body, when they begin to realize they are SO MUCH MORE than they’ve been giving themselves credit for! Yoga is truly amazing because there really is no end to the journey. It morphs and changes with us. And just when you think you’ve figured it all out – in comes a new challenge and a new awareness. It really is amazing! 

Nadia Esposito

“Yoga has helped me through the most difficult and devastating times as well as the most joyous and happy ones. I know firsthand the power of the practice and am honoured to share it with others. Whatever your reason may be for coming to the mat; perhaps dealing with the stress of work, the challenges of being a new mom, preparing for birth our suffering a loss or pain; my intention for my classes is to offer a supportive practice that empowers each individual. As a busy mom with two boys (3 if you count my husband) I have found nothing more valuable than my yoga and meditation practice. Since 2006 I have enjoyed teaching yoga to children, adults, and seniors. I truly believe you are never to old or to young for yoga and have been blessed since my first born to be teaching Prenatal and Mom and Baby Yoga classes. My classes are a blend of Hatha, Kundalini and Vinyasa yoga.


Way back in the day (2002!!!) I began seriously attending yoga with Heather Jones. No amount of courses and trainings can compare to the knowledge and experience I have gained from my apprenticeship with her in those early days. A true mentor; Heather’s confidence in me and my ability to teach was greater than my own. Her encouragement gave me the confidence to begin teaching my own classes. For that I am eternally grateful.”

"My Favourite Yoga Instructor"
. . . and I don’t think I’ll ever find someone who is on her level and teaches classes the way she does. It is otherworldly. She’s very attentive and caring to everyone who walks through her studio doors. I’d highly recommend her classes if you are looking for an instructor who possesses so much empathy and understanding for everyone and their experiences.” – RM
Nothing Compares to Your Passion"
. . . and teachings. No matter what, you are always there for your fellow yogis guiding us through the storms in our lives. My journey to enlightenment continues and I’m so grateful that you were my inspiration and showed me the way to my spiritual path. Life is such a wonderful journey and I will follow your classes wherever you go!” – Melissa I.
Heather has Saved Me More than Once"
. . . from my darkest days after the passing of my son, to now. I have grown strong and stable with her guidance. She gives her all every day, every class. Her knowledge, her strength, her ability to connect by being real about her own journey. She teaches from Truth. She is the greatest. I stand tall because of you, Heather." - Nicole
"There is Only One Heather Jones"
. . . and I have been spoiled to have her as my teacher. Her guidance throughout the years has been very valuable to me. When I leave Heather's classes I am a different person. We are lucky to have her. In our Niagara Region she is one of a kind and I love her!" - TrishD
"Heather is Not Your Average Yoga Teacher"
Her knowledge is vast and her experience is deep. All feel welcome and comfortable in her class. She has an ability to read the body and adjust the class to what the student needs." - NE