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Prenatal Yoga and Mom & Baby Yoga: Please contact Nadia at 905.329.9841 for more info and to register.

Yoga Classes for EVERY Body

Relax, Realize, Love, Release.

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skin1-service1 Take classes with some of the best teachers this area has to offer! Engage your body and your mind, and take your health and fitness regime to incredible new heights.

Classes Available


skin1-service2 Choose from a wide variety of classes to suit all levels and goals. Work at your own pace with the class(es) that are best suited to your personal needs.

Classes Available


skin1-service3 Immerse yourself in an environment where everything is created to help you become a better version of yourself. Whether you simply need some quiet time to help you manage stress, are rehabilitating an injury, or you’re looking for an edge to your weight loss/fitness regime…The Village Yogi offers classes where you can discover new strength, new inspiration and the endless gifts a regular yoga practice can bring.

Classes Available


skin1-service4 A regular yoga practice calms and focuses the mind, invigorates digestive function, strengthens and tones muscles while also building bone density. Yoga helps to improve circulation, stamina, flexibility, balance and self control. Your yoga practice will also enhance and improve your emotional well being, respiratory efficiency, mind/body awareness, immunity, relaxation, inner feelings of peace, conten:t:z;amand your general attitude toward Yourself.

Classes Available

What’s going on with Fall classes?

After a fun and active summer with our 9 Week Challenge, and Outdoor Yoga series, we are currently taking a break for vacation, self care and family time. Classes will continue online later in September. In-person classes will also be available soon, we hope. Our priority remains keeping everyone safe and healthy. Stay tuned for more info as we have it.

Online Class Pass Sale

While our studio is now closed due to Covid, classes are still going strong online. It’s so important to stay connected to a healthy supportive community and practices that foster wellness in body and mind.  So – we’re offering this extremely awesome sale on 10 and 5 class passes so you can attend some of our full-length online sessions from home. We also have unlimited memberships that give you access to the live stream as well as our content library of previously recorded sessions. Please note the expiry dates on these passes are much shorter and will be strictly enforced. Click here for more info. on the pass that’s right for you and your budget.

Finding the flow in uncertain times

Many of us are struggling to make sense and find clear direction as the community slowly attempts to get back to ‘normal’. Now, more than ever before, we can lean on our ability to stay present. We can focus on TODAY, this moment, right now…this breath. We can simplify our lives by getting organized at home and clearing anything that creates clutter or disorganization. The practices of mindfulness, reflection and living intentionally can help to keep us centered and calm. You may not know exactly what’s next, but you DO know how you want to feel. Focus on that.

FREE Guided Meditation/Relaxation Sessions

During challenging uncertain times, it’s important to take regular periods of rest and rejuvenation. While we are all practicing physical distancing, we want you to feel connected to a supportive community that’s here to help. Join us online for our “Bliss Break” guided meditation series. These classes are FREE. No experience is necessary. Just a quiet place to do a few simple stretches then lie down for a guided relaxation practice. Sometimes less IS more. Taking time for intentional rest is deeply healing to both body, heart and mind. More info on the Schedule page here. Please register online to get the details on how to join. 

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