Winter Yoga Challenge 2021: The Art of Resiliency

You’re invited!
Join us for this 7 week online challenge.

PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase this membership please select the start date as January 18th when you are prompted to do so.

Yes, I know there has been so many challenges. But with many of us isolating at home let’s challenge ourselves to move through these winter months with a focus on getting strong and present.

Let’s build a sense of flow and fluidity in our minds and bodies and focus on rebuilding, connecting, expanding and beginning that alchemical process of transformation that these times are asking of us. Let’s use the energy of what’s happening right now to our advantage. These are crazy times. Tough times. Weird times. Emotional times.

We ARE resilient. We WILL get through this.

Heather Jones Yoga

January 18 ~ March 7, 2021


  • Weekly meditation and breathwork class
  • 3 “Live” yoga classes each week (+ access to a video of the class for 24 hrs): Mind/Body Flow, Feel Good Flow, Detox Yoga (or Yin yoga for those of you wanting a softer, slower practice)
  • Unlimited access to the regular schedule of daily classes (for those wanting “more”)
  • Access to a private Facebook group for additional inspiration, prize giveaways, motivation and support
  • A ‘Happy New Year’ welcome package including: a Palo Santo smudge stick to cleanse your space, an insulated Village Yogi travel mug for those warm wintery beverages and an amethyst crystal to help usher in some fresh new energy for this New Year.

PLUS – 1 full week of unlimited access to the schedule after the Challenge ends

*Classes in this program will appear on the schedule but are only open to those with an active pass for the program*

Total Cost (before January 15): $154 | (After January 15th: $179)
You will be charged 2 payments of $77 dollars.
Length between the payments is 1 month.

PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase this membership please select the start date as January 18th when you are prompted to do so.

18+ Years

Inspiring Lives,
Creating Connections


Of Lives


Of Positive Intentions


Our World, One Heart,
One Breath at a Time

Transformation. Evolution. Growth. Metamorphosis. This is one of the many outcomes we seek through Yoga. If you feel you’re stuck, frozen, or stagnant in life, join me for one of my transformative Yoga sessions. Through Yoga we seek to change our state of consciousness, knowing that as we experience internal change, our external lives will evolve with our growth. Are you ready to transform?

Monarch Caterpillar

Class Schedule

Classes are available to support you every day – as a “Live” interactive experience on Zoom, or a pre-recorded video from our Content Library that you can access at your convenience. Classes can be accessed the same as before by registering online. I’m hoping in-person classes will be available soon.

Monarch Chrysalis

Transformational Coaching

My entire focus with teaching and coaching is transformation. People get results. They feel better, they look better, they gain tools, insight, and knowledge to help heal themselves, and that healing is sustainable. Are you ready to transform?

Monarch - Coming Soon!

Special Events

I am working on creating a whole new schedule of special events, focused on people like you who are serious about setting goals, healing, and transformation. Please watch this space so we can evolve and grow together!

When you say you’re “ready for change”, are you? I am Heather Jones, and I am not your average yoga teacher. My focus is to help you heal in a sustainable way, so you can be self-sufficient, your life can flourish, and you can continue to work on yourself with confidence, even after you’ve completed my programs. Yoga is a 5000 year-old practice, and it works. I am here to wake you up in body, mind and spirit, so you can transform. Are you ready?