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"Heather's Bright Smile . . .

. . . always sets the tone for a positive yoga experience. The time on the mat is amazing and the group’s energy and friendship helps to make the commitment to return to the mat easier, even when life throws you curves like Covid.” – DM

"I Love Heather's Classes"

“I will say it a million times . . . I love Heather’s classes. She has been my teacher, then my friend, and no matter where I am living I want to go to her yoga classes. I haven’t found any that match. Her voice, style, passion . . . I just keep coming back because it feels so good. Thank you for all that you offer. Thank you for being you.” – JV

"Heather's Yoga Classes Saved My Life"

“I was in a dark place when I went to my first class. Everything she said sounded like she was speaking directly to my soul. Heather, I am still here because of you. Thank you.” – JD

"A Guiding Light for Me"

“Heather has been a guiding light for me. For over 20 years. Through a meditative Savasana she guided me on a journey that has brought me to the life that I live today. She fills my practice with hopes of a life that I could only dream of. It’s a blessing and an honour to be able to be guided by Heather through the practice of yoga. Much love.” – Diane

"I Highly Recommend Her Classes"

“I suffer from chronic pain and I find Heather’s classes help in many ways. She is very thorough in the way she instructs, making it easy for beginners. She possesses an in-depth knowledge of the mind, body and soul, understanding what poses will benefit you, and passionately share her knowledge with her class making it that much more beneficial. She is truly in her element.” – KC

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