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"My Favourite Yoga Instructor"

. . . and I don’t think I’ll ever find someone who is on her level and teaches classes the way she does. It is otherworldly. She’s very attentive and caring to everyone who walks through her studio doors. I’d highly recommend her classes if you are looking for an instructor who possesses so much empathy and understanding for everyone and their experiences.” – RM

"Nothing Compares to Your Passion"

. . . and teachings. No matter what, you are always there for your fellow yogis guiding us through the storms in our lives. My journey toenlightenment continues and I’m so grateful that you were my inspiration and showed me the way to my spiritual path. Life is such a wonderful journey and I will follow your classes wherever you go!” – Melissa I.

"There is Only One Heather Jones"

. . . and I have been spoiled to have her as my teacher. Her guidance throughout the years has been very valuable to me. When I leave Heather’s classes I am a different person. We are lucky to have her. In our Niagara Region she is one of a kind and I love her!” – TrishD

"Heather is Not Your Average Yoga Teacher"

Her knowledge is vast and her experience is deep. All feel welcome and comfortable in her class. She has an ability to read the body and adjust the class to what the student needs.” –¬†NE

"Heather has Saved Me More than Once"

. . . from my darkest days after the passing of my son, to now. I have grown strong and stable with her guidance. She gives her all every day, every class. Her knowledge, her strength, her ability to connect by being real about her own journey. She teaches from Truth. She is the greatest. I stand tall because of you, Heather.” –¬†Nicole

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