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Winter Solstice Candlelight Yoga & Salt Cave Session 

Saturday December 21st, 1:00pm-3:00pm $40.00

Winter Solstice…the darkest day of the year that marks the gradual returning of the light. 

This beautiful class blends gentle yoga and meditation with essential oils, while we honour the dark and the light within us all. Rest and relax in a Salt Cave session at the end of the class. 

Please wear layers. The Salt Cave is cool. 

Click here to reserve your spot https://thevillageyogi.punchpass.com/classes/4758004

Therapeutic Yoga for Self Care Inside the Salt Cave

Saturday December 7th – 9:30am

This all levels yoga class will be held inside the Salt Cave. The cave is kept cool so please wear layers to keep yourself comfortable. We’ll move through a variety of yoga postures and breathing exercises to help release tension and stress, boost immunity, relax and revitalize you. No yoga experience is necessary but some mobility is. We’ll be doing both active (weight bearing)and passive (stretching) poses. We’ll focus on some meditation, mindfulness and relaxation techniques as well to help improve stress management, reduce anxiety, and improve resiliency. 

Please register directly with the Salt Cave by calling:



Prenatal Yoga

New 6 week session starts Wednesdays 6:00pm January 8th.

6 Weeks $90, Drop-in $18

Please note: Call Nadia for info and to register 905.329.9841

Mom & Baby Yoga

New 6 week session starts January 7th – Tuesdays at 9:30am

6 Weeks $90, Drop-in $18

Please contact Nadia to register @ nadiaesposito@hotmail.com

Or call 905.329.9841

EO Flow – Yoga with Essential Oils

When: Saturday December 28th 9:30am

Where: The Studio – 20 Niagara St., Welland

What: We’ll explore a unique blend of essential oils proven to help uplift, soothe and inspire…while also being an exceptional blend for clearing negative energy and calming the mind while we prepare to ring in a New Year. We’ll use the oils to support a calm-inducing yoga practice and finish with a 45 min relaxation session inside the Salt Cave. This is some epic Self Care!

Extra Perks: Participants will each leave with a bottle of the blend used in class.

Register online here

Space is limited. Pre-registration is required.

Meditation for Deep Peace and Healing

Next class: Friday Dec. 27th

7:30pm ~ $40. +tx

Call the Salt Cave to reserve your spot in the next session. 289.488.4626

These guided meditation practices are held inside the Healing Salt Cave. In addition to the healing benefits of this meditation experience (similar to Yoga Nidra) you will also be receiving the benefits of Halotherapy. You will be inhaling over 80 trace minerals and receiving the cleansing/healing benefits for your immune, respiratory and nervous systems. During this session you will recline in a comfortable anti-gravity lounge chair and we’ll cover you in cozy fleece blankets. This guided meditation practice will ease you into a calm state of deep relaxation. Gentle suggestions for healing and peace will be given to help you release deeply held tensions. Suitable for everyone willing to rest in stillness and surrender to the wisdom within.

Please wear warm, unrestrictive, comfortable clothing and remember to turn your cell phone OFF  so you won’t be disturbed. Please call the Salt Cave to register: 289-488-4626








Recent Tweets

"Dear Village Yogi,  Last month I started yoga, first time in my life. Did not know what to expect,or even what to take...! We had a very busy summer and moved 4 families in our family! Crazy! So my body started to complain, and 2 days before our move I could not move. My chiropractor who I called that day was on vacation...! So here I was..stuck..! I'm a person that believes that everything happens for a reason, so that week I was looking at my computer and there it was...a Groupon to try out yoga...for back problems..?. So here I went , skeptical, afraid, but after a couple classes I felt great, slept the whole night after...that's also a miracle..So I am planning to keep on going to class! Thanks Heather, you are awesome!"

"When life is a storm, Yoga is the calm. When life is peace, Yoga is the challenge. Yoga here - is everything I need. In all ways. Thank you Village Yogi. Great awakenings."

"When I finally got up enough nerve to go to yoga - my only regret is that I didn't do it years ago! I expected to develop physical strength but the unexpected gifts are the best ones. I have developed mental & emotional strength and a confidence I didn't know I was capable of. I am a kinder, more patient person in all aspects of my life. Things are clearer & I am more focused. I am better to people at home...and at work...and as an extra bonus I have lost 50 lbs! I know all of these changes are because of my yoga practice."

S. Sutherland

"Yoga is the deepest most intimate experience I have ever discovered in myself. Blessings & much love."

"Wow! Where do i even begin?? Walking into The Village Yogi has been a life changing experience. The first time I did yoga, I cried. It was then that I knew how important inviting yoga into my life was going to be. I have never looked back. I have become deeper in touch with myself...with The Universe. Thank you."

"Whether it was at the bottom floor of a library, in a church hall, or in this beautiful yoga studio that Heather has called "The Village Yogi", she has helped hundreds of people with her yoga teachings, the teachers she brings into her studio, plus the multitude of other special events that she offers all the time. It keeps me centered. It helps me be a more loving and compassionate person. Heather is endlessly giving and teaching for others....Thank God for this yoga studio!! She is continuously trying to instill goodness and love in others, and at the same time training you to have a more flexible and muscular body. It is the true meaning of Yoga that Heather teaches...this is not just a place to go to lose weight. How beautiful our little world is with Heather and The Village Yogi studio in it!!"

"Everytime I practice I am taken by surprise at how the teacher speaks her truth - which is my truth. Thank you eternally!"

"I noticed that my knee doesn't crack every time I bend it anymore!"

"I love coming here! It has turned into my favourite day of the week (Monday!). I feel much better about my week after yoga."

"Yoga helps me feel calm and centered in my daily life."


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