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At The Village Yogi, there are many options available when signing up. For more information on classes available, please visit Our Classes page.

PLEASE NOTE: Our rates have recently changed.


Class Rates


Drop In$18.00
10 Class Pass $140.00
25 Class Pass $325.00
* Economy Drop-In Class (Specially marked classes with an 'E')$12.00
Private Sessions Are Available. Please Visit The Home Page And Fill Out Request Form. Remember to provide us with your email address so that we can get back to you!$70.00

Monthly Rates


1 Month Unlimited *New Members Special (1st Month Only - 30 Consecutive Days)$40.00
1 Month Unlimited (Month-to-Month Basis)$110.00
3 Month Unlimited$255.00
* Student Unlimited (Month-to-Month Basis *Must Present Valid Student ID)$75.00

Kids / Family Yoga


Teen Yoga - 6 weeks (*Pre-Registration is Required)75.00
Kids Yoga - 6 weeks (*Pre-Registration is Required)$65.00
Family Yoga - 1 adult and 1 child - $4 for each additional child (*Pre-Registration is Required)$18.00

Recent Tweets


"Dear Village Yogi,  Last month I started yoga, first time in my life. Did not know what to expect,or even what to take...! We had a very busy summer and…

"When life is a storm, Yoga is the calm. When life is peace, Yoga is the challenge. Yoga here - is everything I need. In all ways. Thank you Village…

"When I finally got up enough nerve to go to yoga - my only regret is that I didn't do it years ago! I expected to develop physical strength but…

S. Sutherland

"Yoga is the deepest most intimate experience I have ever discovered in myself. Blessings & much love."

"Wow! Where do i even begin?? Walking into The Village Yogi has been a life changing experience. The first time I did yoga, I cried. It was then that I…

"Whether it was at the bottom floor of a library, in a church hall, or in this beautiful yoga studio that Heather has called "The Village Yogi", she has helped…

"Everytime I practice I am taken by surprise at how the teacher speaks her truth - which is my truth. Thank you eternally!"

"I noticed that my knee doesn't crack every time I bend it anymore!"

"I love coming here! It has turned into my favourite day of the week (Monday!). I feel much better about my week after yoga."

"Yoga helps me feel calm and centered in my daily life."

"Heather has done so much for me, but the biggest so far is that she has taught me to be calm and grounded. That, alone, has helped me with all…

"With Heather's yoga practice I find she relieves stress, anxiety , and the overwhelming feelings I often have in every class I go to. It helps to release the past…

"Coming to The Village Yogi resets everything for me - mind, body, focus. When I leave I start again with a clean slate. The instructors are encouraging and positive and the…

"My yoga practice allows me to relax and find inner peace."


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The Village Yogi
1419 Pelham St (lower)
Fonthill, ON

Tel: 905.327.8836

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