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Below is detailed descriptions  of the classes we offer at The Village Yogi. The schedule changes with the seasons so not all classes on this list are always available.

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Please stay tuned as we experiment and grow…

Vinyasa Free Flow (aka: All Levels Flow) – A variety of postures sequenced together and linked to the breath. These flowing classes are often themed and involve music. Most are taught to accommodate all levels of experience – offering modifications to help you work at your own speed.

Rise and Shine Yoga Flow – Similar to our All Levels Flow but with a little bit more intensity. Designed to cultivate strength, inspiration, stamina and flexibility while increasing prana (energy) flow in both the physical and subtle body. You will heat up in these movement-centered classes so layering clothes is best. This may be a bit much for the absolute beginner. If you don’t want to move, sweat and flow….perhaps choose another class.

LSD (long, slow & deep) – This class is perfect for those who need to de-stress and take some quiet time for themselves. It is a deep, slow class with long holds in each posture making it often a very profound and meditative experience. This class will target deep tension held around the hips and spine and the more restorative focus with help create a sense of calm therapeutic support. A wonderful compliment, and a nice break, from the more intense vinyasa classes on the schedule.

Go With The Flow (All levels) – An all levels class that will explore both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga practices. Focus will be on building strength and stamina to flow through life’s ups and downs with peace.

Yin Yang Yoga – This 75-90 minute class begins with 45 minutes of strong, heated, “yang” postures and finishes with slow, long-held Yin postures and a deep guided relaxation. A perfectly balanced combination incorporating equal amounts of strong active principles and passive meditative practices.

Yoga for Back Care – A gentler class designed to strengthen, build symmetry and stability in hips, back and spine. Uses gentle back bending postures, easy flows to warm up the whole body, and relaxing forward bends and twists to keep the spine and nerves supple and flexible. There is also an emphasis on building core strength (gently) to ultimately assist with instability that many suffer from following injury or weakness.

Yoga Nidra – This class is not a workout. It is a relaxation meditation practiced throughout time to help calm and cleanse one of deeply held habits and tensions. This guided practice begins with gentle stretches to release tension and focus the mind. Awareness is then rotated throughout the body – relaxing each part in turn. The result – you learn to relax, release and adopt a calmer more detached perspective. Excellent stress reliever. This is typically offered once per month and is not included in your membership. Pre-registration is essential. Please see our Special Events Page for the next date for this class.

Chakra Flow – This class explores each of the 7 main energy centers (chakras) in the body and the areas of the body each one affects. Postures, breathwork, sequences and affirmations are given for each themed class to help bring balance to each chakra – both physically and emotionally. From both a Yoga Therapy and an Ayurvedic standpoint working with the chakras through yoga practice(s) can bring about tremendous healing and rejuvenation.

Detox Flow – This more rigorous class flows through simple sequences and postures to help detoxify and cleanse the body and clear the mind. Focusing on producing heat and spaciousness in the body while aiding digestion and mental clarity, this class is the perfect antidote to a long week and the perfect class any time you feel like you need a cleansing. Expect: twists to remove toxins, sprinkled in with poses to stimulate digestion and the thyroid gland, build muscle, and get the digestive track moving. It will be warm. Layering is best.

Iron Yoga – Yoga with Weights. This class sequences traditional yoga postures while holding light weights to help strengthen and tone while building greater stamina. This also helps minimize muscular imbalances that may lead to injury. All movements are synced with breath – fostering greater body awareness and calm focus. Weights are 2-5 pounds. A fabulous change of pace and an invigorating addition to your regular practice.

Yin Yoga – A slower, more restorative class that focuses on longer held postures that help to target the denser, deeper, tissues, such as the ligaments, joint capsules, cartilage, bones and fascial networks of the body. Since these tissues are found in the upper body as well as the lower body the Yin Yoga practice focuses on postures that effectively work the entire body in a more subtler, slower way. Yin Yoga is extremely meditative and a wonderful way to relax and re-set your nervous system.

Recent Tweets

"Dear Village Yogi,  Last month I started yoga, first time in my life. Did not know what to expect,or even what to take...! We had a very busy summer and moved 4 families in our family! Crazy! So my body started to complain, and 2 days before our move I could not move. My chiropractor who I called that day was on vacation...! So here I was..stuck..! I'm a person that believes that everything happens for a reason, so that week I was looking at my computer and there it was...a Groupon to try out yoga...for back problems..?. So here I went , skeptical, afraid, but after a couple classes I felt great, slept the whole night after...that's also a miracle..So I am planning to keep on going to class! Thanks Heather, you are awesome!"

"When life is a storm, Yoga is the calm. When life is peace, Yoga is the challenge. Yoga here - is everything I need. In all ways. Thank you Village Yogi. Great awakenings."

"When I finally got up enough nerve to go to yoga - my only regret is that I didn't do it years ago! I expected to develop physical strength but the unexpected gifts are the best ones. I have developed mental & emotional strength and a confidence I didn't know I was capable of. I am a kinder, more patient person in all aspects of my life. Things are clearer & I am more focused. I am better to people at home...and at work...and as an extra bonus I have lost 50 lbs! I know all of these changes are because of my yoga practice."

S. Sutherland

"Yoga is the deepest most intimate experience I have ever discovered in myself. Blessings & much love."

"Wow! Where do i even begin?? Walking into The Village Yogi has been a life changing experience. The first time I did yoga, I cried. It was then that I knew how important inviting yoga into my life was going to be. I have never looked back. I have become deeper in touch with myself...with The Universe. Thank you."

"Whether it was at the bottom floor of a library, in a church hall, or in this beautiful yoga studio that Heather has called "The Village Yogi", she has helped hundreds of people with her yoga teachings, the teachers she brings into her studio, plus the multitude of other special events that she offers all the time. It keeps me centered. It helps me be a more loving and compassionate person. Heather is endlessly giving and teaching for others....Thank God for this yoga studio!! She is continuously trying to instill goodness and love in others, and at the same time training you to have a more flexible and muscular body. It is the true meaning of Yoga that Heather teaches...this is not just a place to go to lose weight. How beautiful our little world is with Heather and The Village Yogi studio in it!!"

"Everytime I practice I am taken by surprise at how the teacher speaks her truth - which is my truth. Thank you eternally!"

"I noticed that my knee doesn't crack every time I bend it anymore!"

"I love coming here! It has turned into my favourite day of the week (Monday!). I feel much better about my week after yoga."

"Yoga helps me feel calm and centered in my daily life."


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